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This page is a quick guide/walkthrough to help beginners get to grips with the basics of the mod. If this is your first time playing with wizardry, this is the place to start!

First Steps

The very first thing you'll want to do is collect magic crystals. These small items are a central part of wizardry - they'll supply your wands with mana and you'll need them in various crafting recipes. To start with, you'll need at least 15 or so. You'll find most crystals underground in the form of crystal ore, but there is another, quicker way to get them in early-game - I'll leave that for you to work out! (Or you could just look it up on this wiki, but that's boring...)

You should also gather a few other resources: some smooth stone, a handful of lapis lazuli pieces, some wool, a few gold nuggets and a couple of books.

Setting Up

Once you've got all that, take a book and a magic crystal and craft yourself a copy of The Wizard's Handbook. This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a wizard, including all of the crafting recipes in wizardry. Turn to that section and use the recipes there to craft yourself a magic wand, an arcane workbench and a magic missile spell book.

The Arcane Workbench

Take your new arcane workbench and place it down somewhere (it doesn't matter where you put it for now, you can always pick it back up again with a stone pickaxe or better). Now right-click on it and you should see a GUI appear which looks something like this:

Getting Started - Electroblob77/Wizardry GitHub Wiki (1)
The arcane workbench GUI

The central slot is where you can place wands, wizard armour and scrolls. Place your new magic wand in there - you should see five more slots appear in a circle around the central slot. These slots are for spell books, and each one corresponds to one of the spell slots on your wand. Unless you were lucky enough to find a spell book on your travels, you'll only have one - the magic missile spell book you crafted earlier - so place it in one of the five spell book slots.

The other thing you probably noticed when you placed your wand in the arcane workbench was the tooltip that appears to the right. If you take a look at that, you'll see that your wand currently holds no mana. Mana is the magical energy used to cast spells, and without it your wand isn't much use, so let's fix that! Take some magic crystals and place them in the slot in the bottom-left corner. Now click the big shiny confirm button (bottom-right), and the crystals should vanish! Don't worry though, they've been turned into mana, which is now stored within your wand.

Getting Started - Electroblob77/Wizardry GitHub Wiki (2)
The arcane workbench GUI with wand

You'll notice that the tooltip has changed in two ways: firstly, your wand will now have some mana - 100 times the number of crystals that were used up, to be exact - and secondly, there should now be a list of five spells that are bound to your wand. One of these will be magic missile, but the rest will probably say '[Empty slot]'. You can fill those up later once you get some more spells, but for now you're done with the arcane workbench, so take your wand and let's cast some spells!

Casting Spells

Now you're all set to do some spellcasting! When you have a wand in your hand, you'll see a heads-up display appear in the corner of your screen (you can change its position using the config menu). This shows your currently equipped spell. Switch spells either by using the N and B keys (these can be changed in options -> controls), or by scrolling with the mouse wheel whilst sneaking. Right-click to cast the currently equipped spell.

Getting Started - Electroblob77/Wizardry GitHub Wiki (3)
The spell HUD displayed when holding a wand

Next Steps

Congratulations, you've successfully begun your journey towards mastering the arcane! Wizardry, like Minecraft, is very open-ended - you can do whatever you want with your newfound magical powers. One thing you might want to do is to craft yourself a set of wizard armour - besides providing essential protection, it'll also make you really look the part.

I also suggest going exploring: a world of wizards, magical artefacts, and of course spells, is out there to be discovered! Perhaps you want to conquer the deepest dungeons, wand in hand? Perhaps you want to seek knowledge from fellow wizards? Or maybe you want a magical library of every known spell? Better get collecting, there are no less than 172 of them!

So what are you waiting for? A world of arcane wonders awaits!

Getting Started - Electroblob77/Wizardry GitHub Wiki (2024)
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