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Mass Dragon is the attacking strategy with the longest history in Clash of Clans. It was the strategy that made the first player reach 4,000 Trophies years ago and was always very effective. In this post, I will show you how it works at all Town Hall Levels.

How Mass Dragon Works At All Town Hall Levels

This strategy is useful from Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 11 and can be used within all Leagues, including Legend League. The only difference is the Spells you need to use.

Which Town Halls Levels does mass Dragon work with?

Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Trophy Pushing & Clan War

Pros of Mass Dragon:

+ Very efficient through all Town Hall Level and all Leagues
+ Easy to use, because you don’t need to coordinate lots of different troops

Cons of Mass Dragon:

– Very expensive
– Long training time

Mass Dragon Step by Step

I will show you more detailed instructions for your Town Hall Level later in this post. Before we get to that, I want to explain the basic mechanics of mass Dragon attacking.
Dragons have a lot of hit points and proper damage, but they fear high-level Air Defenses and some Air Sweeper setups. This means you can’t 3 Star any base you want, but you’ll find plenty of bases this works great against. Even in Town Hall 11, you’ll be able to make solid 2 Star attacks if you have higher level Heroes.
If I break it down to the very basics, this attacking strategy has 4 Steps:

  1. Taking down Air Defenses with Spells
  2. Deploy Dragons on the outside to funnel majority of Dragons into the base (versus circling outside)
  3. Make your Dragons go through the base and support them with Spells
  4. Cleaning up and go for the Town Hall with Heroes

Step 1: Taking Down Air Defenses

Air Defenses will take your Dragons down like flies, so you need to take them out as soon as possible!Depending on your Town Hall Level you take either Lightning Spells only or an Earthquake Spell plus Lightning Spells.

Don’t attack bases that have all Air Defenses in the core. This setup will make it almost impossible for your Dragons to take down additional Air Defenses before they get taken down themselves.
Which Air Defense To Destroy?
Take down the Air Defense that your Dragons would reach last. Your Dragons will take down the other Air Defenses themselves ASAP,so the last they would reach is the one you destroy with Spells before you attack.

Step 2: Funnel The Dragons

A big mistake I constantly see with Dragon attacks is improper deployment. Many deploy all the Dragons on one side of the base and then ask themselves what went wrong because the Dragons go around the base and get shot down one by one by the Air Defenses.

3 Star Attacking Guide For Mass Dragon (TH7 to TH11) - AllClash (1)
You always have to deploy some Dragons on the outside first, before deploying the other Dragons, so that the main group with go into the base! Here’s a post where I descried this more in detail:

Step 3: Make Dragons Destroy The Base

Now that you have many Dragons inside the base you need to support them. Depending which Town Hall Level you are will determine how many Spells are left (described more in detail below).
Use Rage Spells and/or Freeze Spells. Try to drop the Rage Spells in a spot where many Dragons will cross. Also, try to freeze Inferno Towers together with Air Defenses if possible, because they will take down your Dragons quite fast.

Step 4: Finalize Your Attack

In lower Town Hall Levels you don’t need to do this because the Dragons probably took down the base on their own – in higher Leagues and Town Hall Levels (TH9+), there will be leftover structures you need to take down with your Heroes. It’s described in detail below, and you should also check out this guide I wrote about cleaning up a base:

Mass Dragon For TH7

You’ll go for TH6 to TH8 bases when you’re Town Hall 7, in Trophy Pushing and in Clan War. You have the problem that TH7 now also has 3 Air Defenses, which makes your life more complicated. Let’s seehow the steps apply for a TH7 attacker:

  • Step 1: Use 3 Lightning Spells to take out 1 Air Defense
  • Deploy & Funnel Dragons
  • Clean Up With Your Hero Ifavailable

The crucial point is to select a base where your Dragons are able to reach the other Air Defenses as soon as possible. If you manage to get them destroyed before half your Dragons are down, you will almost always 3 Star the base..Here’s a replay:

Mass Dragon For TH8

Your Spell capacity is now more, and you can receive a Dark Spell donation. This means you can save Spell capacity when destroying an Air Defense by destroying it with 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell and have space left for a Rage Spell:

  • Step 1: Destroy the Air Defense that you would reach at the latest point of your attack with 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell (donated to your cc)
  • Funnel your Dragons into the base
  • Drop your Rage Spell
  • Clean Up from the opposite side with your Barbarian King

Here’s a replay showing it (funneling wasn’t perfect, and he could have dropped the King earlier though):

Mass Dragon For TH9 (Queens Walk & ZapQuake)

There are some different approaches for Town Hall 9 that work. In my experience we can separate them into 2 different styles, depending on your Hero levels:

  • If your Heroes are Level 15+ you can go with a Queens Walk and Rage Spells
  • If you have lower level Heroes, you need to go with ZapQuake (taking down 2 Air Defenses before)

TH9 Mass Dragon with Heroes Level 15+

With higher Heroes you take 3 Healers with you and start off with a Queen Walk (deploy the Queen and the 3 Healers). Deploy her at a point where the Air Defenses are exposed so she can take two of them down. Especially against TH9 bases with high-level Air Defenses, this works better and you need to use this strategy to not fail your attack. Air Defenses gain a lot more DPS when they get to their higher level.
Doing a Queen Walk with a Queen lower than Level 15 (or even 20) will mean she dies too fast, Healers can’t cover enough and she doesn’t deal enough damage to be able to go for the Air Defenses. The good thing about the Queen Walk is that she will clean about a quarter of the base’s space, so you save a lot of work for your Dragons.
Have a look at this replay, it shows step by step how the attack should be performed:

TH9 Mass Dragon withlow-level Heroes

You have to deal with 4 Air Defenses and need to take 2 of them down before your Dragons go in. Bring 4 Lightning Spells and 2 Earthquake Spells (1 donated) with you and drop 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell on each Air Defense.
This will not work if the Air Defenses are Level 7! Keep in mind, that you will not 3 Star such a base with low-level Heroes, unless the base design is very poor.
There are many different approaches in troop combination, and you shouldexperiment:

  • Using Hogs for an exposed Air Defense
  • Bringing some Balloons
  • Lava Hound

Mass Dragon For TH10

You need to bring 2 Lava Hounds along with your Dragons. Zap down two Air Defenses like described earlier and then deploy the Lava Hounds to cover damage as soon as the Dragons start getting hit from the other 2 Air Defenses.
Here’s a replay that shows this strategy pretty good:

Mass Dragon For TH11

Making good attacks against solid TH11 bases is hard, especially because Golems get shredded by the Eagle Artillery. Here’s a guide that shows quite well how you can dominate with mass Dragon:


Mass Dragon is working very well. I personally don’t use it a lot because it’s very expensive. However, using forClan War attacks is worth it.
Definitely make sure you know how to funnel the Dragons and which Air Defenses you have to destroy. That’s the key skill for using this attacking strategy correctly.
Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison, EnchinsuOcha

3 Star Attacking Guide For Mass Dragon (TH7 to TH11) - AllClash (2024)
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