3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (2024)

Here I have another nice attacking strategy for you that works incredibly well and uses a troop that has been out of the focus of the higher Town Hall levels for some time, the PEKKA. This attacking strategy is called PEKKA Smash and uses the PEKKAs with their high hitpoints and high hit damage.

How PEKKA Smash Works

Basically, you use three different units here and that’s PEKKA, Bowlers and Healer (plus some funneling troops) and that’s it.

To make this attacking strategy work you only need to make sure that the Bowlers and the PEKKA will go into the base and then keep the Bowlers alive as much as you can – the PEKKAs are strong enough to survive on their own and this combination will wreck the base into pieces.

Which Town Halls Levels does PEKKA Smash work?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 12 (but TH11-TH12 it’s working best)

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Clan War Leagues

Pros of PEKKA Smash:

+ Pretty easy to use
+ High success rate

Cons of PEKKA Smash:

– Doesn’t work against all kinds of bases (more on that below
– You need maxed PEKKA for your Town Hall level to use it properly

Troop Composition To Use

  • 5 Healer
  • 2 PEKKA + 1 PEKKA in CC
  • 10-14 Bowler
  • Fill with Funneling troops like Wizards, Hog Rider, etc.
  • 1 Heal Spell
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 3-4 Rage Spells
  • Wall Wrecker as Battle Machine

This is the general composition to use, you should always adapt the troops that you will use for funneling with the base – normally Hog Rider or Wizards are the ones you use to make the Queen walk in the right direction (more on that below)

PEKKA Smash Step by Step

Breaking this attack down, there’s only a few steps you need to do:

  1. Building Your Funnel & Send in Queen Walk/Charge
  2. Place Wall Wrecker with Bowler & PEKKAs
  3. Support them with spells and keep your Bowlers alive

Let’s jump into the details with an attack that will show you how it’s done, but first lat’s talk about the bases you can attack with it…

With CWL there’s been a revival of war bases that have a more compact look and symmetrical layout, those are the ones that make a better target for this strategy than ones that are filled with dead zone compartments and some crazy setup – time is a crucial part on this attack and if your Bowlers are down, the PEKKAs need to finish the job and they are slow so huge distances to walk will make you run out of time.


Funneling isn’t that crazy with this attacking strategy as you just want all of your units go deep inside the base and you will use a Wall Wrecker to get them into the base.

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (1)

So all you want to do is to make sure that your troops don’t walk around the base. Build a wide funnel and be rather safe than sorry and clear out the whole side with your Queen and the Healers before you send in your other troops.

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (2)

The side you’re attacking from is most of the time easy to identify because you will need to use the path to the Town Hall to target your Wall Wrecker.

Send In Your Troops

Once the funnel is set, you can spam all of your troops and make them walk into the core area.

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (3)

Attention! If you’re attacking a ring base, you want to send your Barbarian King around the outside to protect your funnel and help cleaning up – here’s an example when you should to that:

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (4)

But in every other case you will send all of your troops into the core area.

Keep Them Alive

You have your Warden ability and your spells to keep your troops alive. As I said in the beginning, the Bowlers are the troops you need to care about most because the PEKKAs have enough hitpoints to survive the core adventure on their own – the longer you keep your Bowlers alive, the higher your chances to 3-Star the base so keep good care.

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (5)

As you won’t make any approach against the Eagle Artillery you will need your Grand Warden ability early to protect your troops against these hits – after that you have the Rage Spells and the heal Spell to make them go for the Eagle Artillery fast, after that you can relax and help with your Jump Spell if there’s a compartment you want to open 🙂

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (6)

As you can see, 2 out of 3 PEKKAs survived here and now it’s time to clean the base up.

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (7)

3 Star Attacking Guide for PEKKA Smash - AllClash (2024)
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